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Reverend Kirsten Linford

For the safety and health of our community, we are worshiping together online. 

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Sundays at 10:00 AM 

Recordings of our online services available on our YouTube channel

On worshiping online...

It's the definition of Church (capital C intentional). I’m thinking about it like the Mattel version of Westwood Hills…You go to Walmart and buy Mattel’s new “Westwood Hills in a Box.”  You get home and open it, and all you see inside are a whole bunch of multi-colored dolls of various shapes and sizes.  But no pews or steeple or anything.  And then you look back on the package and you see the asterisk that says “Building Not Included.”  But you happily play church anyway.  It was kinda like that.

  - Chris Lamora  

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