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Racial Justice Ministry Statement of Purpose

The prophet Micah asked, “What does the Lord require of us but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God?” America’s founding acts displaced Indigenous peoples and disavowed their lives and cultures. The hands of unpaid African laborers built our nation. Although people of color have resisted white supremacist violence, America continues to profit off of the underpaid labor of Indigenous, Black, Asian, and Latinx persons. Historically, many of the perpetrators of structural and everyday racism have professed to be Christians. Although none of us individually has committed the atrocities that have permanently altered the life chances of people of color, this is our home, and our faith compels us to act justly and love mercy.

The Racial Justice Ministry at Westwood Hills Congregational Church affirms the inherent dignity of all of God’s children. We cannot correct the sins of the past, but we can commit to doing the Christ-like work of radically loving by dismantling inhumane systems. Our Racial Justice Ministry seeks to be faithful to the call of God to speak up and to act out because, as we learn in the Book of James, faith without works is dead. Will you join us in doing this transformative work? 

Please email Rev. Kirsten if you are interested in participating in the Racial Justice Ministry

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