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Children and Youth

Children and youth are a special part of the Westwood Hills Congregational UCC family.  We provide both Sunday School
and childcare services.

The Basics

We use an online curriculum called Seasons of the Spirit with separate lesson plans appropriate for each of our three age groups. Sunday Cool class begins after the Children's Moment in the service, and lasts from 10:30 – 11:20 AM. Explorer class parents and guardians can pick up their children from the Explorers' classroom (Youth Room,upstairs) directly after worship. Older children will meet their families on the patio.


The first Sunday of the month is communion Sunday.  All ages first  gather in Ray Hall to share communion together.


The usual schedule is as follows:

10:30 AM – Leave worship after Children’s Moment and visit bathroom (gender neutral)

10:35 AM – Gather for The Lord’s Prayer

10:40 AM – Lesson time

11:15 AM – Clean up

11:20 AM – Teacher and older kids go to the patio to meet parents/guardians.  Explorer class parents and guardians can pick up their children from the Explorers' classroom (Youth Room).


About Our Leaders, Teachers & Assistants

The Sunday School leaders, teachers and assistants are all volunteers from our church.  On any given Sunday, we have multiple teachers leading our children and youth through lessons from Seasons of the Spirit.  All of our volunteers have passed background checks. 


Toddler and Infant Care

We provide a play-based environment for toddlers 1 – 3 years of age. After the Children’s Moment in the service, toddlers are accompanied by our caregivers/parents to the Meeting House.  Parents/guardians may return to worship. Parents/Guardians must pick up their toddlers from the Meeting House after worship (generally around 11:15 AM).

Infants stay in worship with their parents.  There is an infant room in the back of the sanctuary that parents and guardians are welcome to use.


Explorers (K-4th Grades)

This class begins to address the more abstract thinking skills of children in the early grades. The children interact with their peers and adults.  These encouraging relationships help to nurture their spiritual development  This class meets upstairs in the Youth Room.


Pathfinders (5-8th Grades)

Pre-teens enjoy a more self-directed approach in their learning. These classes provide opportunities to actively explore the Bible and encourage the development of communication skills. This class meets in the Fireside Room next to the kitchen. 

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