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Who We Are

Our congregation is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a mainline Protestant denomination.  We are a church of the people, in which we respect the democratic process in all that we do.  We believe strongly in the priesthood of all believers, and consider all our members to be ministers of the faith.  The UCC is a non-doctrinal association of churches that have come together to do God’s ministry. 

Our History

Westwood Hills Congregational Church began in 1925, when eleven believers gathered in a community center in Brentwood to found a new church.  In 1926, our present site on Westwood Boulevard was purchased, and in 1928, the original sanctuary, now called Ray Hall, was completed and the congregation moved to Westwood.

Our Mission Statement

In the Spirit of Christ, we worship a loving God as we share our love and our lives. We are an Open and Affirming community. We celebrate diversity and create a refuge for spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth. From our roots in Los Angeles, we reach out to our neighbors, sharing our gifts and resources

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